Time to level up..

Creating your own personalised website is super easy and it won't cost you a thing! 

First you'll need a brand name! Have you already got something in mind? The easiest way to start is by deciding if you want to have the word "Beauty" in it. Once you have established that, message your TIE sponsor and they can help you brainstorm some ideas. You could always start by using your own name and then change it to something else later on.


Check out this name generator: bit.ly/3eWsPZ0



After you have decided on a name.. watch this video that shows you step by step how to create your own customisable "My Site" website.

Create your own website

Create your own website

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After you have set up your website..

 try sharing it with a friend

Your MySite website works the same as the links from your NuSkin app. For anyone who orders via your personal website link, you get paid the profit + sharing bonus commission the same day that your customer places their order. And NuSkin handles all the shipping and logistics for you. This is all included as part of your exclusive membership with our partner company, so you will not be charged a monthly fee.