Silicon Vs Bristles

The first question we ask ourselves is which deep cleansing head do I use?

I swear it will always be the ultimate battle. Silicon Vs Bristles

So your thinking of taking your skin game to the next level by purchasing a deep cleansing device. HECK YEA BABE I totally applaud you!

But where do you start?

When I purchased my ageLOC Lumispa, I did so much research into the best option for me. I focused on the 2 main things that actually have contact with my skin and that is the treatment head and the cleanser.

I would love to share what I found on both silicon and bristle treatment heads. I hope this helps you purchase your device so your skin will thankyou sooner!


1. Soft, non-abrasive.

This means we can use it twice a day, everyday. No more hand washing. YES!

2. Bacteria FREE.

When looking for a silicon head, check to see if it has microbial silver. Microbial silver has shown it can kill bacteria, fungi and certain viruses. Making this treatment head 35 times more hygienic than our bristle head friends. This was a big win for me!

3. No outside cleaning product needed.

To clean a silicon treatment head, all you need is water. No wasting money on extra products and lets not forget the extra storage. Keep it simple.

4. Works with any skin type.

That's right! Silicon treatments heads are suitable for everyone. I love that! When doing your own research see if there are different types, for example, with my Lumispa I can choose from a soft head (great for sensitive skin), normal head, or a firm head.

I love that everyone can use this but still customise it at the same time. We all have different skin and we need to customise our routine to get the best care for our skins health.


1. Abrasive.

These heads are more abrasive. I would not recommend daily use. Good for exfoliation only twice a week. Over exfoliating can cause excess oil production, leaving you greasy, blocking pores resulting in breakouts.

2. Easy for bacteria build up.

If your not washing it thoroughly with an anti-bacterial wash, makeup, dirt and bacteria can easily build up and can get stuck in your pores. We don't wash with dirty water, so make sure you don't get lazy with your cleaning.

3. Bristles lose shape.

Applying pressure on bristles causes them to lose their shape and tend to clump. This can leave you with an uneven cleanse. Make sure you replace the head frequently.

After weighing up all the pros and cons on each head, I have chosen to go silicon.

The big ticks for me were that I love that I can use it twice a day. When you purchase something you want to get the most out of it right? Haha. I love that it is super easy to clean and its a nice feeling to take off my makeup and dirt from my face without putting it back on from the residue of yesterday.

I hope this really helps you decide what is best for you, and most importantly gets you purchasing your very own deep cleansing device!

Let me know in the comments which one you went for?! I would love to know!

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