Hear from a few of our business partners below..


Brooke French


Brooke is a mum to 3 travelling around Australia with her family. Brooke has a background in retail management and after years of missing her children’s milestones decided to go all in with a business opportunity. Now she leads 100’s of women to time and financial freedom.


Becky-Rae Holland


Becky is a mum of 3, qualified hairdresser, with a business background in accounting. Becky is a natural born creative with a passion for helping women tap into their true potential. She could see the real value in helping others achieve their goals and has since gone on to impact the lives of many, allowing her to be at home with her babies fulltime. 


Nikki Ristoski


Nikki is a mum of 3 children, with a background in retail and banking. This business allows her to attend every footy game, and dance concert! She is able to dedicate her time to her children while enjoying the financial freedom.


Rach Elliott-Jones


Rachael is a mum of 2 originally from the UK and moved to NZ. A qualified Beauty Therapist and teacher who loves to educate clients on all things skin! She started her online business 5 years ago to enable her to work part time from home and compliment her home salon. This had enabled her to never miss special moments with her kids growing up.


Emma Leaudais


Emma is a mum with over 14 years of hospitality background. She started her business to help support her daughter and being a single parent.

She found her love for skincare, paid off many debts, she is now a qualified skincare consultant and skincare blogger. Totally transformed and LOVES HER LIFE

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Zansie Maye


Zansie is a mum of 4, a qualified beauty therapist and stress management consultant. She started this business as a way to increase her income without having to work crazy hours consulting. And also to connect with other women and enjoy a team vibe! Being in her 50’s and having better skin and health than she had in her 40’s is such a treat! Zansie loves to help other women who want more for their families and themselves, without being restricted by set work hours or location. Zansie works this business part time, and loves the freedom and flexibility it provides, oh plus the extra income!! That’s nice too.


Nicole Fountis


Nicole is a Mum of 4, beauty therapist, lash technician and entrepreneur. Nicole started your online business in 2018 and just after 1 year, Nicole was able to quit her her full time job as a therapist to be able to enjoy more time at home with her children, travel around the globe and live a life on her own terms. Nicole’s passion is to help women around the globe say yes to more and chase there dreams.


Lauren Adalsteinsson


Our very own LumiSpa queen! Lauren is a creative with an outrageous sense of humour. Lauren has 20 years experience in the oil + gas industry. After years of struggling to find work life balance and competing in the male dominated work environment, Lauren tapped into the online space to grow her influence with her social networks and help others improve their confidence. Lauren is originally from Scotland, UK and now lives in Australia, she loves the flexibility this business can offer, allowing her to follow her passion for travel and visit home regularly.

- Business Partners -

We are so proud of all of our business partners at The Inspired Edit (TIE). Every partner brings their own qualities to the team and we embrace every gender, every age and every background story. Amongst our differences, we all share the same vision..

To come together as a collaboration. Break tradition and set the tone for the next generation of networkers and business builders in our industry. To make a change in our lives. Learn & grow, whether that’s financially, personally or both.